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Ep. 24, Page 19
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Comic 1790 - Ep. 24, Page 19

7th Jan 2015, 4:55 AM in Episode 24 :: Save My Place | Load My Place
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Author Notes:

smbhax 7th Jan 2015, 4:55 AM edit delete
If you were to look closely at the huge and incredibly detailed crowd scene in the latest page of Marc Raab's webcomic "Destination: Unknown," you might see a familiar face! Yep, he fit our very own Selenis in there, along with multiple plethorae of characters from other webcomics in an impressive feat of illustration. Can you pick Selenis out of the crowd? Well okay you can just use the key like I did, but um I could also give you a hint! Or two! (Minor spoilers coming up!) ... She's prominently featured! And dressed and coiffed like she was at the beginning of this episode.

It's a really nice drawing and thanks Marc for including Selenis! : )


moizmad 7th Jan 2015, 1:18 PM edit delete reply
How much does Selenis charge for a cameo?
smbhax 8th Jan 2015, 5:05 AM edit delete reply
Not enough I guess! : o
cattservant 8th Jan 2015, 2:26 AM edit delete reply
resent id
who likes them
any way
you're welcome
smbhax 8th Jan 2015, 5:05 AM edit delete reply
Hank you!