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Ep. 24, Page 43
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Comic 1814 - Ep. 24, Page 43

9th Feb 2015, 10:10 PM in Episode 24 :: Save My Place | Load My Place
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Author Notes:

smbhax 9th Feb 2015, 10:10 PM edit delete
Would have had this posted earlier but got heartily side-tracked by Jim Halperin's huge online gallery of original Wally Wood art, which is just chock-full of tons of gorgeous, classic sci-fi ink comic art by one of the all-time masters of the form—plus a lot of it is complete, sequential pages from the original stories, so you can read it like comics too. ^_^ Wood was top notch at just about every aspect of illustrated art, had a great way with zip-a-tone shading and sleek space ships, and he was particularly renowned for his ability to render striking young women in his dramatic stories, like oh say here for instance.


cattservant 10th Feb 2015, 3:01 AM edit delete reply
There is that...
smbhax 10th Feb 2015, 10:15 PM edit delete reply
Mo$t important!
moizmad 10th Feb 2015, 12:12 PM edit delete reply
She's just stepped out for lunch, she's coming back right after her Mac Attack!

ps - love the Wally Wood stuff, I of course have all his MAD work which I like to think gave me a few clues on drawing.
smbhax 10th Feb 2015, 10:18 PM edit delete reply
Oh wow! Wotta collection!! : oo Great!