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Ep. 27, Page 99
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Comic 2048 - Ep. 27, Page 99

31st Dec 2015, 8:52 PM in Episode 27 :: Save My Place | Load My Place
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Author Notes:

smbhax 31st Dec 2015, 8:52 PM edit delete
This is the absolute last time I'll flog this week's auction of a new, large A* painting, currently up for bid right here on eBay...the last time this year, at least! : P Here's a photo with a standard-size pencil and a foot-long ruler, to show scale—the painting is 18" x 24", which gives it four times the surface area of the daily A* pages:


And it isn't quite there in my time zone, but probably will be in yours, at least by the time you read this, so....HAPPY NEW YEAR!! *\o/* : D


cattservant 31st Dec 2015, 8:57 PM edit delete reply
Hope can be cruel.
smbhax 1st Jan 2016, 4:19 PM edit delete reply
: D
moizmad 1st Jan 2016, 12:36 PM edit delete reply
Wait a sec, I forgot my comic books!
smbhax 1st Jan 2016, 4:19 PM edit delete reply