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Ep. 28, Page 22
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Comic 2072 - Ep. 28, Page 22

3rd Feb 2016, 12:16 AM in Episode 28 :: Save My Place | Load My Place
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Author Notes:

smbhax 3rd Feb 2016, 12:16 AM edit delete
I've been thinning my white ink more and more for the spattered-on stars in the last couple pages, because I wanted them to be smaller and less opaque than usual, so they'd be fainter and less of a distraction from the rest of the scene, which has already been a little busy without having to worry about stars gleaming all over it. The thinned-out ink produces a pretty nifty effect with its fine spatter, I'll have to use that more. Hadn't quite figured on just how much it can lead the ink to run off the nib in big drips, though—as the large white splotch in the upper middle part of the right-hand sky area of this page can attest. : P


cattservant 3rd Feb 2016, 1:20 AM edit delete reply
Jump right in!
smbhax 4th Feb 2016, 12:52 AM edit delete reply
: D
moizmad 3rd Feb 2016, 2:19 PM edit delete reply
Just as I thought, bullet-proof windows!
smbhax 4th Feb 2016, 12:53 AM edit delete reply