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Ep. 29, Page 88
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Comic 2223 - Ep. 29, Page 88

1st Sep 2016, 10:00 PM in Episode 29 :: Save My Place | Load My Place
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Author Notes:

smbhax 1st Sep 2016, 10:00 PM edit delete
SpaceX's ambitious commercial space endeavor hit another hitch today when their latest rocket exploded during pre-launch testing at Cape Canaveral. The pad had been cleared for the test fire so nobody was hurt, but the rocket's satellite cargo was destroyed. SpaceX said "The anomaly originated around the upper stage oxygen tanks and occurred during propellant loading of the vehicle." Hopefully they'll figure out what went wrong so it won't happen again! More details, with photos and videos, are in the BBC article.


cattservant 2nd Sep 2016, 6:24 AM edit delete reply
Long trip.
smbhax 3rd Sep 2016, 4:14 PM edit delete reply
moizmad 2nd Sep 2016, 12:52 PM edit delete reply
There be dragons!
smbhax 3rd Sep 2016, 4:14 PM edit delete reply
Where?! : oo