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Ep. 31, Page 28
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Comic 2396 - Ep. 31, Page 28

2nd May 2017, 9:29 PM in Episode 31 :: Save My Place | Load My Place
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Author Notes:

smbhax 2nd May 2017, 9:29 PM edit delete
I think I was exactly wrong yesterday—looks like I might need *more* light on my drawing table, not less. x_x We'll try that tomorrow. : P


Spent two hours on the phone with UPS today, trying to rescue my resupply of A* art shipping boxes from the computerized limbo into which it was cast thanks to their web app giving me a delivery option that was—for reasons still not clear to the humans there—not valid actually for the package. What's kind of funny is:

a) There's no option given in their computerized customer service line to talk to a human. But it's there—you just have to get mad enough finally to growl "give me an operator" and it says oh okay you could talk to an agent, but first how about I repeat the same options you tried and found useless before, and you grit your teeth through that and then growl "get me an agent" and then it finally transfers you to a live person and there isn't even that much of a wait since they're so good at not letting you know about that option in the first place.

b) The people you do eventually get to talk to seem to have no recourse to any human-powered solution ("Human shall not speak to human"): if it isn't solvable through their software (and for the most part they're just using the same, triple-redundancy web interface on their site that you are), then, um, well, it should clear up soon. "Just keep refreshing the page."

c) The last human (I think) was maybe so lonely he was stuck in a loop:

Agent: So we have two departments here: Customer Service [which I had talked to at length two transfers ago] is more on the package level; I just go through the My Choice interface [ie the same web page I was trying to use at home and which was giving an error message they couldn't do anything about].

Me: Okay?


Agent: Your phone was cutting out again.

Me: No, no I can hear you.

Agent: Oh, okay.


Me: Soooo it sounds like we have no options here.

Agent: Well we have two departments here...


Maybe he isn't permitted to tell a customer that he can't help them, which left him no way to end the call. :"P

So unless the jammed delivery instruction clears up overnight (I was told it should clear up after a half hour, an hour, then two hours—fortunately I was able to disprove all those since I was stuck in repetitive fruitless discussions for so long), my only hope is the human factor, namely that the actual delivery driver gets fed up and just drops the thing at one of the two locations the computer now thinks it should not go to.

(Following that hopeful logic, once they move to delivery drones I'll just be totally hosed. : P)


cattservant 3rd May 2017, 12:17 PM edit delete reply
Riding in style!
smbhax 3rd May 2017, 10:54 PM edit delete reply
Oh yeahh!