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Ep. 32, Page 83
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Comic 2547 - Ep. 32, Page 83

6th Dec 2017, 10:19 PM in Episode 32 :: Save My Place | Load My Place
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Author Notes:

smbhax 6th Dec 2017, 10:19 PM edit delete
Okay so another Wednesday goes by with me not getting around to doing a special archive art sale for the week. I really gotta work this time crunch thing out. : P But I did get more blank pages cut and ready to draw on! Usually get that done on the weekend before but this past one was kinda busy. Um oh but I do have not old but brand *new* watercolor pages for sale if you want to check those out, they're right over here on my eBay page thingy. (And yes, they're back to the nice old low starting price of just $16.99. : )


cattservant 8th Dec 2017, 8:40 PM edit delete reply
Wham bang, thank you mam!