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Ep. 33, Page 16
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Comic 2605 - Ep. 33, Page 16

5th Mar 2018, 10:15 PM in Episode 33 :: Save My Place | Load My Place
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Author Notes:

smbhax 5th Mar 2018, 10:15 PM edit delete
Update Tuesday 3/6:

Well apparently things are moving very quickly in the rental world over there, so in order to have some shot at securing a decent place for summer I'm actually now leaving TOMORROW, Wednesday March 7th, and will be gone for the rest of the week. And packing and getting ready today, so no more pages *this* week—but I should be back cranking out pages as normal *next* week, rather than being out of town then.


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You may notice that the auction for the original art behind today's new comic page is a 10-day auction, rather than the usual 7 days, and that's because I'm going to be gone next week—or most of it, anyway! Yes and it's even an A*-related trip: you see, the hip town I live in, Seattle, has gotten a little too hip for me to afford on my extravagant webcomic creator salary, even with an incredible amount of support from my wonderful family ^_^, so I'm taking a trip to the far side of the state to look for an apartment in a more affordable place, so I can keep doing A*! : )

So I won't have new A* comics for you next week, starting Monday the 12th. : o I will try to post an update or two of the trip on my @smbhax Twitter account just to show that I'm still kicking!

Not sure quite how long it will take (but I've got a recital, birthday party, and dental appointment to attend (separately : P) the following Sunday and Monday, so I'll have to come back before then at any rate!), but if I make it back early I guess I'll try getting the jump on my A* taxes or something, that'll be a hoot. = P Oh and if I still have time I can work ahead on another project, namely switching A* production from my old Windows XP desktop—which is running in to some trouble due to decreased antivirus and web browser support : P—to my Windows 10 laptop and art streaming machine. Easier to move just that across the state, anyway!

So if I do find a place, the idea will be to move in the summer, or autumn at the latest. I'll probably need to take like a whole month off of A* then : o as I dispose of most of my earthly goods, say my goodbyes to friends and family, move the rest of my goods across the state, settle in to a strange place, and get ready to crank up A* from a new HQ. That month of no comics will be a bit of a drag : | but on the plus side, if things go according to plan, the move will pay off in the end in terms of A* output. Not having any acquaintances to visit, I'll have a bit more time to work on art and stuff—so no more sometimes slightly rushed Friday pages ]_], and I'm even planning on opening up artwork commissions! I've done a couple in the past, but haven't really made it public that I'm accepting them. And currently I'm not—no darn time! But once I'm moved, I'll have more time. : ) So you'll be able to pay me, basically, to draw whatever you want me to draw. (So far I think someone wants me to paint them a moose, which could be fun. ^_^) I've had a whole art commissions wing of the web site typed up and ready to go for months now, but I can't roll that out until I actually move and am ready to do 'em, I guess. (The short version is I charge $25/hour. : P) And if it happens that I don't have commissions waiting, I'll be able to do more like special A* larger/vertical format paintings too. Heck maybe I'll do some wildlife paintings or landscapes. Anyway, lots of options! Should be fun.

First things first, though, and that's the apartment hunt next week. Wish me luck! : D