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Ep. 34, Page 31
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Comic 2676 - Ep. 34, Page 31

1st Aug 2018, 11:36 PM in Episode 34 :: Save My Place | Load My Place
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Author Notes:

smbhax 1st Aug 2018, 11:36 PM edit delete
Today I saw a bunch of animals close up that I hadn't seen before (or at least not since...I was a kid?). I stepped over a little brown snake on the sidewalk, almost before I saw what it was because it was so still—but then it moved and I was relieved the heat hadn't got to it, then I realized it was probably a little silly to worry about 86 F at noon being too much for it. (Although maybe not, I guess they probably have to find shade at some point.)

Then at the park a bunch of the animals in the neighboring corral who usually hang out down at their far end (not the llamas, they stay under the shady pines in the near corner, totally unflappable) were instead roaming up near the park end (maybe because there were no kids; in fact, I was the only person in the actual park itself—first time for that, whee! Not sure why today was empty, it was amazingly gorgeous), so I got see up close a big old sheep with horns (he took one bleary and jaded look at me, decided I wasn't worth his time, and cantered off), and a little boy (I think) goat, who was jamming his snout down under the bottom of the fence to get at the tasty snacks stuck down there, such as a dusty, dry brown leaf (:d?), and then a little girl goat (I think...she had a pink polka-dotted collar on, anyway : P) who trotted up, bleating to get in on the fence corner snack action.

And all three turtles at the bigger pond were sleeping on the same log, which was cute, although I only saw them from a distance.

But yep, big day for meeting some of the neighbors. : )