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Ep. 35, Page 44
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Comic 2754 - Ep. 35, Page 44

5th Dec 2018, 9:14 PM in Episode 35 :: Save My Place | Load My Place
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Author Notes:

smbhax 5th Dec 2018, 9:14 PM edit delete
I won't be producing a page on Friday—I'll be vacating my apartment while my landlady's handyman and his crew install a new front door!

Yes, despite his heroic efforts to fill in the gaps around the old door with extra weatherstripping, now that the temperature is mostly below freezing, those cold drafts coming in around the too-small-for-the-door-frame door just won't be denied! So it will be super-nice to have a new, snug-fitting door and a draft-free living room—especially 'cause that's where I do all my A* work.

While they're exposing the room to the elements, plus lots of banging and hammering and prying or whatever, I'll just be bumming around town: my current plan is to visit the town coffee shop for breakfast, walk to the town's largest park to see the baby goats, the horses, and the frozen duck ponds, over to the public library to apply for a library card, hike up the main hill to visit three nice parks up there, return to the coffee shop for lunch, over to the student-run, student-churned ice cream shop on the university campus for some fresh chocolate cookie dough ice cream, then over to one of the university libraries to apply for a university library card, and explore the libraries there a bit if they'll let me; walk back along the creek trail to the coffee shop for some hot cocoa, and hopefully that'll have killed off most of the day and my new door will be in place by then. : o

So that's roughly what I'll be doing on Friday instead of working!