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Ep. 36, Page 52
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Comic 2829 - Ep. 36, Page 52

3rd Apr 2019, 12:58 PM in Episode 36 :: Save My Place | Load My Place
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Author Notes:

smbhax 3rd Apr 2019, 12:58 PM edit delete
Hopefully you didn't notice, but the watercolor painting for today's page was actually about an inch too narrow—15" rather than the usual 16—so for the webcomic version I had to fill in a half-inch on either side with Photoshop's "Clone" tool or whatever it's called; if you want to see what the page actually looks like, you can check out the original scan (and photo) on eBay.

(Insert joke about this being fate since this page is the first one in A*'s history to feature two more or less fully conscious Selenis clones actually together in the same room. : P)

The original art is the wrong size (hey, collector's item! =pp) because I measured wrong when cutting the large watercolor sheet up into A*-page-sized pieces over the weekend. And that happened I guess because well I got sloppy after years of doing this but also because I was tired and stressed and in a hurry (insert joke about robot's dialogue) because as usual I was behind where I wanted to be in getting A* tasks done for the day.


On a pretty nearly directly related note, here's what I had written up and ready to go for today's blog before that little page size emergency emerged:

I've closed my art commission service for now; just getting the daily comic done seems to be taking all my time, so I have no business pretending that I can possibly complete quality art commissions for people at the same time!

If and when I manage to work things out so that I can take on commission work again, I'll post a notice in the blog and on social media—and the "commission me" link on the front page menu will no longer be crossed out, and a text blurb about commissions being open will appear in light blue text below the front page menu's social media bar.


I'm working on the whole time management thing. It's been a little rocky what with all the 10th anniversary hullabaloo recently (and I had sworn off extensive blogging for a while but then that huge day the dinosaurs died New Yorker piece happened, and then today this happened : P)...but I have been making some adjustments and even with that I've mostly been able to start actual drawing work an hour or two earlier each day than I had been, so that's been helping the art, at least, I think. There's a bit more time savings that could theoretically be had there, even, if I can get myself habituated to the necessary day-management discipline.

And I'm way better than I was hm up to probably about three years ago now, where my time management was so bad that after getting reset for Monday morning, my daily schedule would soon break to such an extent that I was completely off the Earth's day/night cycle by late in the week. : P

But the painting today got tricky (*probably* because I was tired from letting myself stay up too late blogging yesterday, so I didn't catch some scale issues in the drawing of Selenis flying into the scene here, and they thus had to get worked out in the painting phase), so now I kick into emergency time plan, which involves me allowing myself to sleep in to mostly catch a full night's sleep despite the late hour, in exchange for having to skip exercising tomorrow. ; P Oh well variety, or something!

Okay I need to stop writing now.