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Ep. 36, Page 72
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Comic 2849 - Ep. 36, Page 72

30th Apr 2019, 9:46 PM in Episode 36 :: Save My Place | Load My Place
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Author Notes:

smbhax 30th Apr 2019, 9:46 PM edit delete
I seem to be doing better with my schedule these days, so I intend to get back to getting more art out. : )

First, if you were hanging around here a couple years back you may remember I was going through my A* art archives and, generally on Wednesdays, digging up an unsold piece I felt was one of my very best efforts and putting it up for sale on eBay—at a special low opening bid price, instead of the $50 fixed price most art pieces sell for here on my site. That series of archive art sales was pretty successful : ), in fact I guess it was so successful I kind of ran out of favorite pieces of mine.

But it's been a year or two and some of the pages from the last bunch of A* episodes fall into that category, so I'm going to be resurrecting the Wednesday A* art archive sales to find homes for them. : ) There are only eh oh 8 or 9 or so if I remember correctly (maybe I'll go way back into the bins and see if I can find some older stuff I really like that I didn't spot before, I guess we'll see how these go : o), so keep an eye out if you're interested; these sales, with their opening bid prices of just $16.99, might go by fairly quickly—maybe not weekly, but semi-weekly or so, depending on what else is going on.

Which may include *new* special art pieces; also a few years back, I wanted to start doing a semi-regular series of special A* pieces, mostly in vertical format for a change, where I could just draw whatever nice A*-y thing I wanted. I think I've just about got my weekend schedule buckled down now, along with the weekday schedule, so in the coming months I want to start painting new special pieces here and there—they would also go up for auction starting at $16.99.

They'd be probably like the one I managed before, 10" x 12":

but they won't necessarily be Selenis in an evening gown. Although maybe they should be. = o Well they're just a place to have fun with A* art, so we'll see where the whims will take me.

I will of course advertise this stuff in the blog and social media as I get them done; you can also keep an eye on my eBay listings if you really want to get a drop on things—that's where you'll see my auctions for the daily watercolor art generated for all the new A* pages, too. : ]