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Ep. 39, Page 13
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Comic 3012 - Ep. 39, Page 13

3rd Jan 2020, 9:12 PM in Episode 39 :: Save My Place | Load My Place
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Author Notes:

smbhax 3rd Jan 2020, 9:12 PM edit delete
The BBC has a recent article about a new hydrogen fuel cell reactor developed for drones: the big difference here is that the hydrogen is stored as a solid, rather than a gas—it is converted to gas just a little at a time, and that goes through the reactor to generate electricity—so in theory there's a much lower risk of a highly flammable, Hindenburg-type situation.

The only by-product of a hydrogen fuel cell reaction is water, which is pretty much as good as you can possibly get from a not-screwing-up-the-planet-more perspective as far as fuels go. It also generates more power than typical fossil fuels.

Cost is an issue with hydrogen, though: it has been expensive to generate it from water by electrolysis, but the cost is gradually coming down as technologies improve and become more widespread.

The original 16" x 6.75" watercolor art for today's new A* page is up for auction on eBay. : )