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Ep. 40, Page 73
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Comic 3119 - Ep. 40, Page 73

6th Jun 2020, 7:45 PM in Episode 40 :: Save My Place | Load My Place
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Author Notes:

smbhax 6th Jun 2020, 7:45 PM edit delete
People are out there risking their lives to express what so many feel. What a time this is. If you *are* out protesting, please take what precautions you can; among other threats, the virus is still out there.

One interesting thing I saw recently, though: in addition to social distancing, which makes a huge difference, and masks (although N95 or surgical masks are recommended, but they say cloth masks are "better than not wearing anything"), *eye protection* makes a significant difference when it comes to staying safe from the novel coronavirus: "The data also supported the benefits of eye shields for health care workers. The risk of infection among people who wore glasses, goggles or other face shields was 6% compared to 16% among those not wearing such protection."

This comes from a June 1st article in Time; the analytical study it references is in The Lancet.

Mind you, combining a mask with eye coverings can cause the glasses or whatnot to fog up from your own deflected breathing. Some would-be solutions I've found mentioned online include washing the glasses beforehand in soapy water (supposedly surgeons do this; the soapy film left behind causes any condensing water to spread out instead of forming droplets, or something), or putting a folded-over tissue along the inside of the upper part of the mask, crossing the bridge of the noseā€”the tissue may absorb the warm breath droplets that would otherwise condense on the glasses.

I have yet to try either of those anti-fogging measures myself; nobody sells masks here, and the non-scary mask I ordered off Etsy is now officially overdue. : P


^ Pencil sketch for a reader supporting the comic through my Patreon campaign. : D Many thanks to my supporters, you're making this comic possible!!

The original 16" x 6.75" watercolor art for today's new A* page is up for auction on eBay. : )