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Ep. 12, Page 52
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Comic 716 - Ep. 12, Page 52

17th Mar 2011, 6:48 PM in Episode 12 :: Save My Place | Load My Place
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Author Notes:

smbhax 17th Mar 2011, 10:47 PM edit delete
Dang, I've been spending too much time looking up nuclear stuff lately (and putting it into massive rambling news posts on the A* main site); just managed to draw this one page today. But eh hey look a pretty nuclear explosion; pass the binoculars, guys:



moizmad 18th Mar 2011, 9:13 AM edit delete reply
Ain't it a beautiful thing?
smbhax 18th Mar 2011, 11:25 AM edit delete reply
It brings a tear. *sniff* ;_- Ah, those were the days when Americans weren't afraid of this invisible "radiation" bogeyman. Cancer? Pfft!